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The adventures of teenage girl who found tumblr. Oh joy.


No trust me….you will gain 10000 life points..
Just. Listen.  [x]

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Glow In The Dark Heart Key Necklace

Give your lover the key to your heart. This necklace features a key, shaped like a heart, which glows bright blue when worn in the dark. Hung on a silver-plated chain. Sold on Etsy.

Want this.

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SPOTLIGHT: Photos of Colorful Light Clouds That Are Actually WiFi Signals

In his project ‘Spirit Photographs—Wireless Spectre’, Newcastle University student Luis Hernan used long exposure photography to bring WiFi signals to life, resulting in a photo series of colorful light trails. 

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I write sins not five page research papers

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when someone tries to spill the truth tea but you’re not ready to be scalded


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